Why personal chess coaching?

Through one-on-one interactions, personalized guidance, and direct access to the coach can unlock your full potential and take your chess prowess to new heights. Whether you're embarking on an intermediate chess course or delving into advanced strategies, the path to mastery begins with the guidance of a skilled chess coach within our reputable chess academy.

Checkmate Challenges

with Private Chess Coaching

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Tailored Learning Experience

With one-on-one coaching, our expert chess instructors tailor the curriculum to match your specific needs and goals. This personalized approach accelerates your progress.

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Experienced Chess Coaches

With their deep understanding of the game and a passion for teaching, our coaches can guide you through the complexities of chess, offering insights that go beyond the board.

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Flexible Scheduling

Chess Course offers flexibility in scheduling, allowing you to choose lesson times that fit seamlessly into your routine.

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Progress at Your Pace

Every learner progresses differently. Our Personal Chess Coaching Course empowers you to learn at your own pace.

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Interactive and Engaging

Our chess coaching sessions are interactive, combining theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and real-game analysis.

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Continuous Support

Everyone has a different learning speed. With our personalized training, you learn at your own pace.

Victorians Say

Tournament, Detailed Teaching

I’ve been with VCA for 2 years. They conduct many internal tournaments with lots of prizes, giving everyone a chance to play.

Vismay Sachar


Enhanced Experience, Higher-rated Players

VCA hosts many tournaments that help us gain experience and improve our game. We also get to play with higher-rated players and learn tricks and tactics.

Darsh Shetty


Supportive Coaches, Event Participation

I’m in Intermediate 1 level. The coaches and support team are very good. I attend all VCA events, and the trainers help me improve my chess games.

Darsh Anand


Enthusiasm, Personal Growth

VCA improved my concentration and engagement. With Sangharsh Sir's guidance, my confidence and enjoyment in chess have grown.

Kanika Sane


Personalized Learning with Experts

Gargi ma’am is my personal trainer, and her teaching and encouragement make chess enjoyable. The middle game is my favorite.

Satej Soman


Continuous Improvement, Trainer Appreciation

I’m happy learning from Kapil Sir at VCA. His guidance is excellent, and I rate him 9.5 out of 10.

Anirudh Daga


Enthusiastic Learning, Supportive Coaches

Kapil Sir, Diksha Ma’am, and Sangharsh Sir are supportive and friendly chess trainers. My parents appreciate the focus it has given me.

Pratyush Yogesh Jadhav


Online Coaching Excellence, Opening Game

VCA’s online personal coaching is the best learning experience. Kapil Sir and Sameer Sir's tactics help me in my games. I give them 5 out of 5 marks.

Bhavanya Panchumarthi


Group Learning Success Story

I enjoy VCA’s online group coaching. Sameer Sir and Gargi ma’am teach simply and clearly, helping me play wisely. The Sunday sessions are very beneficial.

Ananya Pol


Chess Temple Tribute

VCA is a chess temple and a foundation for many rising chess talents. Kudos to Team Victorious for their dedication and support in nurturing future champions.



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