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Magnus Carlsen is perhaps the greatest chess player. Filling in the shoes of a giant like him is no easy feat. And if you ask who can be the next Magnus Carlsen, the answer would be… no one...
Ding Liren won the 4th game of the World Chess Championship 2023! With that, he also equalized the overall score 2-2. The Chinese no.1 knew he had to take his ...
When you hear ‘chess in education’, what comes to your mind? Intelligence? Studious? Or maybe logic and creativity? Recognizing its importance, the country of Armenia has made chess compulsory in schools.
What’s the role of a parent in chess? Many think it’s financial support, driving kids to coaching classes and tournaments. Of course, those are important. It’s obvious.
We attended the Pune Olympiad torch event, well organized by Tech Mahindra from where we went on to celebrate the international chess day at Pune office which had a tournament & whole day chess event which became a huge success and the VCA team could connect with Vishy a week before..

Small Things, Big Picture!

Every pain, every difficulty hits us hard, but it also puts a seed for a better version of tomorrow. With pandemic around for the past year & a half, it’s been difficult to have over the board chess, but online chess has taken a huge upward pull.
Origin of Chess – India : If you ever wonder that chess was originated in which country? Answer to this is none other than India! Yes, in ancient history, Indians referred Chess with names such as ‘Chaturanga and ‘Shataranj’ as....
Carlsen will continue to play chess, it will give him a lot of joy. But the world championship has not been so pleasurable for him. Carlsen stated he would play only if Alireza wins the candidates tournament
Many a time we are in testing times, tough time with lot of challenges and perhaps unfavorable situations leading to un-pleasant outcomes. So does this happen only to average people? Answer is a big no!
For 7 am flight, I woke up at 5:31, God knows how! I was in the cab at 5:38, Airport at 6:13, then 6:20 security check at 6:20, finally at 6:24 I was in the queue for boarding & 6:35 I'm on my seat!
Chess – Competitive Rivalries & War on the Board! So, when we say or hear word chess, what comes to our mind? It is a strategy? Or specifically a strategy of war. Yes, we must capture or kill opponent’s army!
Chess – Competitive Rivalries & War on the Board! So, when we say or hear word chess, what comes to our mind? It is a strategy? Or specifically a strategy of war. Yes, we must capture or kill opponent’s army!
Chess – Competitive Rivalries & War on the Board! So, when we say or hear word chess, what comes to our mind? It is a strategy? Or specifically a strategy of war. Yes, we must capture or kill opponent’s army!
What a wonderful thought it is to wake up as World Chess Champion in all 3 formats viz. Classical, Rapid, Blitz! Superb? Unthinkable? Am I joking? Is there is anyone like this? Answer is yes!
In the world of Chess, we have World Chess Champion, being an individual game, what do we expect? We expect to have one world chess champion at a given point in time. Let’s go back almost 30 years from now
When we say Chess, World Chess Champion, World No. 1 player, we all by default refer to Classical Chess. Typically, a nice long time control game of 5-6 hours as allotted time for specific moves. With Computers and the internet, access and availability of
In the world of chess, we keep hearing this term GM. So, a few weeks back, we got the youngest ever GM in the world, Abhimanyu Mishra from the USA at an astonishing age of 12 years 4 months & 25 days.
I can't sleep i just came to know that dear Harshit made his final GM norm at Switzerland and became the latest Grandmaster from India. Here we have a 6 year old boy whom I started teaching at an early age while other kids would

One f four?

The game was about to begin. I was looking at my pawns wondering which one to move first. Hello! I am Gorky. I am 10 years old, and this is my first over the board tournament. I am playing white. For those of us who were introduced to chess on a computer screen,

Taal of Mikhail Tal

In classical music, we often express that the lyrics, meaning and song are brilliantly composed. After listening, we commented that the song has a nice rhythm and melodious tune. Perhaps an alternate word we use is Taal. Song had its own Taal
Anatoly Karpov was the reigning world chess champion from 1975. In 1984, for the defense of his title, Karpov at the age of 33 years faced a young challenger in the form of Garry Kasparov. Winner of the championship
When you are playing or watching chess, what do we typically expect a chess player to wear? Perhaps, formal plain shirt, trouser and blazer, that’s most of the people would imagine. Now, here we have Levon Aronian
The term 'VUCA world' has become very common in management as well as general environments. The VUCA world influences how you make decisions and plans and deal with risks and changes. How do you deal with ambiguity and yet find a meaning?
Currently we all are in the situation that we have neither imagined nor seen! More than a year and it’s still there. I guess there is plenty to read on COVID19. This is an attempt to share it in a slightly different way.
Magnus Carlsen, a big name in the world of Chess – World Chess Champion (Classical, Rapid & Blitz), ranked 1 since 2011 & highest ever rated player in history! Wow! We can go on & on for Magnus
Possible Result of any Sport or Game?
What is the outcome of any sport or game? Somebody wins or loses, right? Some sports or games also have the 3rd outcome – a draw! This means neither team or player wins or loses but the game ends in a draw!
We all know Visvanathan Anand is a five times world chess champion. He has played many brilliant games specially during World Chess Championship 2008 at Bonn against one of the greatest chess players...
It says… “The brain has no limits” and one can agree with the same when seeing millennials performing miraculously. Victorious Chess Academy has been training a large number of students under its roof every year since...
Let me ask you one question – “Did you catch the flight?” Now, here any answer can only have 2 options – either a Yes or a No! You might think why am I asking such a simple question?
The fact that chess is an intriguing game played worldwide for centuries marks it’s significance in board games. Though basically it is referred to as intellectually challenging...