Career in chess

As a Player

Chess is no longer a game that is played only for the love of the game but there is a big career opportunity in chess to earn in terms of sponsorship, endorsement deals, appearance fee and the prize money, which are the direct rewards.
There are many indirect rewards such as scholarships from various State as well as Central Universities across the globe which includes reservation in government jobs, playing for corporate etc.
All of the above isn’t for every chess player but your reward will vary as per your performance. Based on performance the World Chess Federation (FIDE) gives a rating and following titles to the players around the world:
Felicitation Abhimanyu Puranik
  • GM – Grandmaster in chess
  • IM – International Master in chess
  • FM – FIDE Master in chess
  • CM – Candidate Master in chess
  • WGM – Woman Grandmaster in chess
  • WIM – Woman International Master in chess
  • WFM – Woman FIDE Master in chess
  • WCM – Woman Candidate Master in chess
Getting all these titles isn’t a cakewalk and hence Victorious Chess Academy will help you in your endeavor with rigorous training physical, mental and psychological by exposing you to the toughest chess tournaments which will be accompanied by advice from highly rated and experienced trainers of the academy to make career in chess.

As a Coach


To be successful in any field we need a proper guidance from a person whom we call a Teacher, Guru or a “Coach” The World Chess Federation (FIDE) gives titles to all trainers across the world.
Titles for Chess Trainers are as follows:
  • DI – Developmental Instructor
  • NI – National Instructor
  • FI – FIDE Instructor
  • FT – FIDE Trainer
  • FST – FIDE Senior Trainer
Victorious Chess Academy will help you to be a professional chess coach with rigorous training from experienced coaches of the academy.

As an Arbiter


The arbiter in Chess is like a “referee” in any other sport. To conduct any tournament with rules and regulations an Arbiter is needed.
The World Chess Federation (FIDE) gives the following titles for all Arbiters in the world:
  • SA – State Arbiter
  • NA – National Arbiter
  • FA –  FIDE Arbiter
  • IA  – International Arbiter
Victorious Chess Academy will help you to be a professional Arbiter with rigorous training along with guidance from senior arbiters of the academy to conduct tournaments at all levels.

As an Organizer


Chess tournaments have become the standard form of chess competitions among players of all levels. As chess is spreading rapidly across the world, the need of the hour is to become a good Organizer.
A chess tournament can be conducted in different ways such as:
  • Swiss League Chess Tournament
  • Round Robin Chess Tournament
  • Knock-out / Elimination Round Chess Tournament
  • Rapid, Blitz and Classical Chess Tournaments
Victorious Chess Academy will help you to be a professional organizer by conducting events at various levels with guidance from senior organizers of the academy.

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