Introduction to Group Chess Training

Chess, even if it is a one player against one strategy board game, there is a great advantage in learning the ropes of it with a group. Victorious Chess Academy with its 9 chess coaching centers spread across Pune offers group chess training at set batch timings. Group chess classes are among the most sought after courses at Victorious Chess Academy, as it helps students from all age groups to learn in a healthy, competitive and motivating environment. Group chess training by a chess coach is a chess training that improves the ability to reconstruct, resolve, discuss issues and help each other to grow in a competitive environment.

Advantages of Group Chess Lessons

  • Students learn from each other’s perspective through keen observation.
  • Different players have different strategies – therefore for each good move there is always another better move to learn and play.
  • Group chess training stimulates emotional intelligence and develops team spirit.
  • Students get to learn from other player’s wins and losses.
  • Chess classes involves sessions where one player plays against 4-5 players simultaneously – this helps improve strategizing and improving upon all parts of the game, the opening, the middle and the end game.
  • Group chess training enables students to learn chess in a fun manner through various group activities and championships that boost their thinking prowess.

Why opt for a Group Chess Course at Victorious Chess Academy?

  • Unique Syllabus

    Each course at VCA comes with a unique syllabus designed, keeping in mind the specific requirements of such a course.

  • Option for Nearest VCA Centre

    Students can opt for a VCA training center from among 9 centers in Pune at the location nearest to them.

  • Different Batch Timings

    Students can opt for different batch timings. Currently, each center offers 2 batches for chess group training.

  • Learn Through Varied Perspectives

    Group chess classes stimulates discussions, and students can learn different tactics to improve their game.

  • Learn from the Best

    VCA has a team of highly experienced chess coaches that are internationally rated chess players. Students get to learn from the best of the best chess coaches.

Improvements in the group chess coaching includes:

  • Students learn from each other’s perspective.
  • Approach the same problem from different angles.
  • Emphasize on perceptive questioning and reflective listening.
  • Develop emotional intelligence.

See what our online student says....

Anirudh Dhaga with indian flag in International Chess Tournament

I'm very happy to have an opportunity to learn from Kapil Sir and being a part of the VCA family.
I would like to give Kapil Sir 9.5 out of 10 as He says "There is always room for improvement!"

Anirudh Daga