Personal chess Coaching

Introduction to Personal Chess Coaching

With most of us being pressed for time in our routine life, pursuing extracurricular interests or hobbies takes a backseat. Typically, preference is given to hobby classes or sports coaching centers in the vicinity that minimize travel time. Considering other factors like convenience, flexibility of timings and more, Victorious Chess Academy offers personal chess classes to ensure that practical difficulties do not stand in the way of those with a keen interest in learning chess.

With personal chess training, students can either opt for an independent and flexible class timing at a nearby Victorious Chess Academy centre or go for personal chess lessons at home – in the timing and environment of their comfort, without having to invest any time in commuting or arranging for pick up and drop, especially in the case of kids.

Personal chess coaching is generally taken by players who have specific targets in chess and want to play tournaments at higher levels. The benefits of personal coaching are wide-ranging and can positively impact an individual’s career if they are engaging with their coach.

Why Opt for Personal Chess Course at Victorious Chess Academy?

  • Unique Syllabus

    Each course at Victorious Chess Academy comes with a unique syllabus designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of such course. Personal coaching comes with a unique syllabus of its own.
  • Flexible Timings

    No need to cater to specific batch timings. Students can choose a timing as per their convenience.
  • Personal Attention

    One to one coaching for every student opting for personal chess coaching ensures that they get focused attention from the teachers.
  • Opt for Training at Nearest Victorious Chess Academy Centre

    Students can choose the nearest Victorious Chess Academy branch out of our 10 branches in Pune.
  • Opt for Home Tutoring

    Those looking for a feasible option can go opt for home tutoring and learn chess in the environment of their comfort.
  • Learn from the Best

    Victorious Chess Academy has a team of highly experienced coaches that are international rated chess players. Students get to learn from the best of the best.

Other coaching options at Victorious Chess Academy: